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Yurei Deco anime report

In this report, you will find all the information, promotional video, number of episodes, release date, songs, characters, voice performance, and more for Yurei Deco anime, God willing.

Spy x Family Anime Report

In this report, you will find all the information, the promotional video, the number of episodes, the release date, the songs, the characters and the performance of the voices... and others, God willing. Then,

One Piece Film: Red Report

The story of the movie One Piece Red revolves around the world's most famous singer "Ota". He described the voice in which she sings while concealing her true identity as from "another world".

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie review

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is about a haunted "Okutsu Utah". Ever since his childhood friend Rika died in a traffic accident, her ghost has been stuck with him.

Comprehensive report: What happened in the anime industry during 2020-2021

Grab your own cup of Nescafe or coffee and a box of popcorn and follow along with us for this comprehensive, interesting report. You can share it with your friends through the social networking buttons for the benefit of all. Then,