Apathy: Narugami Gakuen Nana Fushigi graphic novel game release date

Publishing company Bethesda and development team Tango Gameworks have announced that a graphic novel game based on Ghostwire: Tokyo will be available for free for PS5, PS4, and PC owners.

The video game will be titled Ghostwire: Tokyo - Prelude, starting March 8th.
Here's a preview of what the Ghostwire: Tokyo - Prelude graphic novel will offer, which is a prelude to the game's events:

Dive into the world of Ghostwire with Ghostwire: Tokyo - Prelude. In this exciting visual adventure, players will join the mysterious KK and his team of supernatural detectives as they investigate an extraordinary disappearance. However, during their journey they will find something more sinister. Players can choose different interactions with KK partners to bring their stories together in the unique introduction of Ghostwire.

It is worth noting that we are only a few minutes away from the launch of the game Ghostwire: Tokyo, which will be available on the PS5 and PC platforms on March 25.

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