Top 14 Korean Anime You Shouldn't Miss

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It is a fact that nothing can beat the excitement and quality of Japanese anime series. However, with the Korean animation industry also developing a lot over time, now they have solidified their place in the animation industry. Both Korean animation and manhwa are breaking records nowadays, and Solo Leveling is a great example of this. Millions of fans are asking for it to be adapted to the anime.
However, there are many manga that have already got anime mods, which are hidden gems in the anime industry. So, if you are also up for a stint in these shows, here is a list of the 15 best Korean anime series that everyone should try.
Flowering Hearts
Flowering hearts is one of the most underrated Korean anime ever. It's a heart-warming, magical school series that fans can indulge in one day. Its MAL rating is 6.08, which isn't very high, but that's why we called it the underrated animated series. The film revolves around Ari, along with her schoolmates, on an outside problem-solving activity after school.
Semi Wa Magic Cube
Next in the list of the 15 best Korean anime is Semi Wa Magic Cube. It is a fantasy comedy anime series that follows the story of an intelligent girl named Semi. She and her mentor went on a magical time journey to stop Evil X. They wanted to stop them from carrying out evil plans with the help of the magic cube.
Ghost Messenger
Ghost Messenger is another supernatural anime series that has managed to win over fans' hearts. It follows the story of defeated agents from the death of the world. These agents are called Ghosts Messenger. This world is full of advanced technologies. Fans see many great action scenes throughout the series which makes Ghost Messengers one of the best Korean anime shows.
Jang Geum's Dream
Jang Geum's Dream is one of the popular anime adaptations of Korean dramas. The anime follows the story of a young girl named Jang Geum. She wants to become a courteous lady, so she does everything so that she can keep and make her dream come true. It soon became successful and left its mark all over Korea. The show's endearing and intriguing story has earned it a place in the list of the 15 best Korean anime of all time.
Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox
Next, there is an interesting show called Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox. This anime follows the story of a legendary fox named Yubi. She has turned into a human to protect an alien stranded on Earth. Soon she ends up in a school of misfits and falls in love with the human world. She tries to live a normal human life, but soon encounters several circumstances.
A Day Before Us
Another cute and disturbing animated series that will make everyone nostalgic for their sweet love stories. There are four main characters and four pairs in this show. The first couple did not like each other at first, while the second couple used to be close friends. The story of A Day Before US is filled with sweet and warm moments and some sadness as well.
The Fake
The Fake is an award-winning 2013 Korean anime movie. The movie is about Chou Gyeong-Seok, who promises his people to find a new home after their town is destroyed to create a dam. However, Choi's true intention was to take resettlement money from his followers. One man named Kim Min Chul did not follow Choi. The latter forced Min-Cheol's daughter to sell her body. Now, Min Chul wants to bring Choi to justice.
However, his notoriety for being a violent drunk caused him a lot of trouble. It's one of the most intriguing storylines, so The Fake definitely deserves a place in 15 of the best Korean anime.
Seoul Station
Who wouldn't love to see a zombie outbreak in anime and that too with good animation and story? Seoul Station is everything fans wish to see on the show. His story focuses on Hye-Sun's daughter and father, Suk-Gyu. The latter tries to find her estranged daughter, but a zombie outbreak occurs before he can do anything.
Noblesse is one of the most popular Korean anime and manhwa series. She has done a good job in making Korean dramas famous all over the world. The story of this show revolves around Raizel, a noble vampire. He woke up from his 820-year-old sleep so he could recognize humans. Sue collides with a mysterious organization that wants to take over the world, then Raizel reveals his true powers. Noblesse is one of the most deserved show which always gets a place in the list of the best Korean animation.
Element Hunters
It is one of the most interesting Korean sci-fi anime that was shown in the year 2029. In the future, elements like gold, carbon, oxygen, and molybdenum no longer exist on Earth. It happened due to a natural phenomenon that occurred in the Mediterranean. Now, a special 13-year-old group has been assigned the task of finding these missing items in another dimension known as "Nega Earth". The series will keep its viewers on the edge of their seats all the time, which is why it ranks sixth in the list of the 15 best Korean anime.
Shining Stars
The Korean animation industry is not only popular for producing action and thriller shows, but also for making really good dramas of idols. One such show is Shining Stars. In the plot of this show, every girl in Shining Star School wants to become the best idol. An ordinary girl named Nara has the same dream. So, in order to achieve this, I joined an academy The prestigious Shinen Stars. But before she can get to the top, many people try to drag her down.
Tower of God
Tower Of God is another anime series that has been brilliantly adapted from the really popular Korean Manhwa series. Just as the title of this show suggests, there is a tower in its story that can grant any wish to anyone who successfully reaches its top. The series' heroine, Pam, who has never worn a single pair of clean clothes, meets Rachel. Their entire lives changed when they decided to ascend to the top of Tower Of God. Just like Noblesse, Tower of God is also a Korean anime that has been appreciated by fans all over the world.
This Korean anime is based on the fairy tale of the same title and follows the story of two brothers, Gil Soon and Jam Ae. A monk adopted these siblings since they were orphans. But the energetic little boy, Gil-Soon, soon becomes determined to find out why her mother didn't come to see him after his sister met her in a nightmare. It is one of those stories that will make viewers shed tears.
Wonderful Days
The story of the wonderful days happened in the year 2142. The pollution has taken over and poisoned the entire environment. Only a few humans managed to survive this situation, and in order to protect themselves, they built a city known as Escoban. This city used pollution and, with its help, created an elite group of people. The exciting story and interesting characters of this anime made it a place in the list of the 15 best Korean anime.
The God of Highschool
The God of Highschool is one of the most popular Korean manhwa series that finally got an anime adaptation in 2020. The story of this place takes place in Korea, where all the students compete in a tournament to determine the best high school fighter in Korea. However, it is not so simple as many mysteries lie behind this tournament. The God of Highschool received a huge critical reception and managed to gain a lot of fans upon its arrival, thus it deserves to reach the number one spot in the list of the 15 best Korean anime that everyone should watch.