winter vacation fun

Who would have thought of going home to watch it, it would have been even scarier. The kitten's white face became a large face, and the red, blue, black and yellow colors were scattered on the drawing paper; large round eyes have become serious dark circles; , it was nearly impossible to tell it was a leg.

Why! This painting is my worst failure.

I put the painting on the easel and prepared the paint. Then I took a brush, big and small, thick and thin, and scribbled over and over. As the painting is so simple, it is very quick to paint.

In no time, it was done.

I looked at the clean and refreshing painting in front of me which looked fantastic and was thrilled. The little boy sitting in front of me suddenly passed me. Something terrible has happened. The baby's clothes accidentally touched my easel, and the graffiti immediately fell off.

Luckily my eyes and hands are quick and I quickly tracked my paint.

good! Poor painting! this painting Full score composition network

net / The water on the board that was not dry was shaken off and let it slide down. I wanted to seek perfection, and when I saw this painting, I had a lot of pain. But looking at him, that he was only four or five years old, he said to me, "Sister, I'm sorry", I just couldn't do anything for him. After a few remedies, I took a general look at the picture and thought it was over. I didn't think if the paint was dry or not, so I just put the picture in the bag.