The Lion King

The Lion King

The Lion King
This is a highly anticipated movie – “The Lion King”. What does it say, let me tell you…

There’s a realm of glory in the forest. The king’s name is Mufasa and his son’s name is Simba. Simba is a lively and cute little lion full of curiosity about the unknown world. He is also the lion king of the future forest world.

Simba’s uncle Scar killed Simba’s father Mufasa in order to ascend the throne and kicked Simba out of the realm of glory. Simba did not lose heart. Accompanied by many enthusiastic and loyal friends, he went through all kinds of hardships and challenges, and finally returned to the land of glory, defeated the scar, and truly became the king of the land of glory.

There are excerpts from the film that made a deep impression on me.

After Simba was born, his father Mufasa was deeply in love with him.

Uncle Scar also wants to be king, so he wants to get rid of Simba. Once he tricked Simba into the elephant graveyard, and Scar’s good friend the coyote appeared and he and the coyote wanted to kill Simba. At a critical moment, Simba’s father, Mufasa, appeared. , said: “Simba, being brave does not mean creating problems.” Eventually, he managed to save Simba.

Little Simba, when he hears his father’s words, he should be able to understand the meaning! But it is true that there are many very simple truths that we will only truly understand after suffering losses.

Uncle Scar doesn’t give up, this time tricking Simba to the edge of the cliff and letting the hyenas attack him. Simba was forced to fall off a cliff, hanging from a branch and asking for help. At the critical moment, his father Mufasa reappeared and saved Simba, but this time his father never woke up.

Simba was very sad, thinking his father’s death was entirely because of him, and shouted “Daddy, Daddy” over and over on the cliff. This scene made me cry too.

Since then, Simba left home, and when he was dying, Timon the mongoose and Puma the boar rescued him and stayed with him. They also said, “Simba, if this case is very important to you, we will always support you! With help from Timon and Puma, and after persuasion from Nana and Fakir, they eventually returned to the Land of Glory and compete with Scar for the throne.

When Simba learned that Scar had killed his father Mufasa, he got very angry and shouted at Scar, “Leave the glory and never come back!” The voice echoed in my ears for a long time. Simba’s deep sense of responsibility was awakened by Elder Baboon and his friends, and he eventually ascended the throne of the Kingdom of Glory.

This film tells us that love and responsibility are indispensable in a person’s life. In the process of growth, family and friendship will always accompany you.

I recommend you to take a look at it, you might get more ideas like me.


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