Feelings of Watching Fire Hero

Feelings of Watching Fire Hero

Feelings of Watching Fire Hero
The shock and emotion imprinted in “Heroes of Fire” will never be forgotten. This article is dedicated to the “most beautiful retrogrades”.

(1) Scared, save the girl!

In “Heroes of Fire”, the burning of a hot pot restaurant in the opening chapter gripped our hearts. The gas tank appeared and I was shocked

.You see, the hot air that permeated the entire store was rushing towards the flammables and explosives. I know that terrified people. But the real crisis is yet to come, and that’s where the story unfolds.

(2) The speed of life and death, the hero of fire!

An oil pipeline explosion immediately set fire to the 100,000 cubic meters of adjacent oil tanks

.The fire exploded into the sky in an instant and the explosion was imminent. The usually big fire truck is so small right now! But the flowing fire continues, even the manholes have collapsed under the pressure of the pipeline, and the danger continues…On the one hand, Ma Weigum , the captain of the 1st Intelligence Squadron, leads the firefighters to build a human wall, desperately defending the storage of extremely dangerous liquid chemicals like xylene. Jiang Liew and his comrades, meanwhile, are closing the valve in the middle of the fire. It is a highly toxic liquid that is about to explode due to high temperature, namely four high temperature valves that require 8,000 revolutions per revolution! Finally, Dawn ushered in the victory of this hard battle!

(3) Health, the most beautiful of retrogrades! At the end of the movie, tears filled my eyes and they couldn’t stop flowing. The shock in my heart was also contained in those tears in my heart. I know that our happy life is now the unknown heroes. keep for us. However, they also have their own family

.At the end of the film, when the little boy who was protecting his father’s medal of honor fell into his mother’s arms and wept bitterly when he learned that he had lost his father, tears welled up in his eyes. The atmosphere could not fail to be rendered by this kind of feeling, and the whole cinema was filled with the happiness of the rest of life and the pain of losing loved ones.

They are also ordinary people, of flesh and blood, character and temperament. They are also the most common fathers, husbands and children around us, but they are also people with patriotism and heroism! They put the country and people first in their hearts

.In the face of adversity, they renounced a serene and peaceful life, and plunged into the sea of ​​fire without any hesitation…

“How peaceful the years may be, but someone bears the burden to your square !” Hail firefighters and military! Tribute to the cutest person ever! The fire is merciless, the hero is fearless!

When human beings are faced with the choice between life and death, the best of human nature is discovered, ordinary people flee, no one blames them, nor should they blame them. Look at our firefighters, they have always been on the front line and have never flinched. As the author said, firefighters are people too, and they too are afraid of life and death.

How much faith and strength sustains them to go through life and death and leave their loved ones, and choose us who did not know them. And our government troops and doctors are all contributing to the city in this time of crisis.

We don’t lack heroes in this age, but we lack care, understanding and admiration for heroes. Just like the words all the students saw together on National Memorial Day: You don’t have to think about it all the time, but I hope you never forget it.

I think that in life we ​​have to use fire, electricity and water in harmony.

Fires in life are often caused by the neglect of some harmless things, so as not to create problems for firefighters

Health and thanks.


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