Aftermath of the change in the ranking of the gross national product

Aftermath of the change in the ranking of the gross national product

Consequences of the evolution of the classification of the gross national product
Today I saw a video on the evolution of the gross national product. The author ranks the top ten countries for global wealth each year with a progress bar from left to right. This video touched me deeply.

In the beginning, in 1961, the United States occupied the first place. His progress bar was high, far exceeding other countries, and he was extremely bossy.

Second place, Japan, was less than a third as long as the United States. I looked for traces of our China on the clock, and China has indeed reached the countdown! Even a small island country in Japan is in trouble, while our country is still “walking” slowly. What is happening? I’m thinking of the story of the 1960s.At that time, shortly after the founding of New China, it went through several wars. It can be said that it was devastated and left to rebuild, and foreign powers also organized groups to block China. No wonder my homeland is like this.

How do I do it? China is disappearing from the list.

My heart sank all of a sudden, China, China, you have to resist! Finally, the time of 1990 has arrived. China’s national strength has increased day by day and has finally grown rapidly. Crawling mode seemed to have begun. Year after year, China has overtaken several countries one after another.

It’s like climbing stairs, climbing step by step, but it’s still far behind the United States. The time has entered the 21st century, and China has gradually moved from rapid growth to rapid growth. In 2010, China suddenly overtook Japan to become the second in the world and the gap with the United States is getting smaller and smaller. I really want to help us. Best wishes to the great motherland! The video was counted until 2016, and China has yet to become the number one spot. I can’t help but have regrets in my heart. I thought the video was over, but I didn’t expect there would be more content after that. It was a chart of the UN’s forecasts of the future global economic trend.

At that time, China had moved from rapid growth to rapid growth, taking the United States step by step ahead of it.In 2030, China’s national strength will exceed that of the United States, trampling the United States under its feet, and over time, China will gradually leave the United States on several roads. Humble India also followed. In 2050, India will overtake the United States! The United States is gradually slowing down at the moment, ranking in third place. When I inadvertently peeked into the lower right corner, God, you say, what did I see!At that time, China’s gross national product had reached 5 trillion yuan. Five quadrillion, for me five quadrillion is an astronomical number, it makes my heart beat faster! We are only in the 21st century, God knows there will be new counting units in the 22nd century!

The homeland advances day after day and year after year. The old latecomer has been abandoned and replaced by such a powerful China! Wouldn’t the people of such a big country be unhappy? A country that is constantly at war will not have good days. I was lucky to be born in this strong and peaceful country: China!

So, students, let’s work hard! Do not live up to the expectations of the motherland for us, study hard, use your knowledge to serve the motherland in the future, and welcome and create a better future for the motherland! Homeland of tomorrow, I am here!


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