Teacher Thanksgiving essay

Teacher Thanksgiving essay

Teacher Thanksgiving essay

When the word “teacher” is mentioned, students feel familiar and warm. The characteristics of teachers vary, but one thing is always the same: they give all their love to their students. I met a good teacher who was strict in my studies and took care of me like a mother – Mr. Lu.

Mr. Lu is very handsome, slim, of medium height, has black hair on his head, a pair of big jewel-like eyes under his arched eyebrows and a well-shaped mouth under his high nose. He has two dimples, does not smile, but when he does, he is even more charming.

Teacher Lu usually takes care of every classmate like a mother. When a classmate has problems in life or at home, she personally asks him to help him solve his problems. I remember that when I first came to this class, I was always reserved because it was a new environment and I had not yet adapted. When Mr. Lu saw this, he said to me, “Zilan, I heard that you are an active and intelligent child, but now that you have changed, have you encountered any difficulties? You should talk to the teacher. I can help you solve your worries.” I blushed and whispered, “Teacher, I just arrived and I have not gotten used to it yet, I am afraid of my classmates…”. Teacher Lu patted my head and said kindly, “Since you are here already, you have to integrate into the class as soon as possible, do not be afraid, the teacher is behind you!” After hearing the teacher’s words, I usually spoke boldly to my classmates. During class, I actively and bravely answered the teacher’s questions and gained reputation among my classmates. In less than a month, I made friends with my classmates.

Teacher Lu not only cares about the students in life, but also makes high demands on the students in learning. She works conscientiously and responsibly and does not spare even the smallest mistakes of her classmates. Every day when she corrects homework and finds that a classmate’s word is wrong, she circles the word and calls the classmate over, points out the typo, patiently draws his attention to the mistake, and asks him to correct it.

I remember once when I was writing new characters, I misspelled a word. Teacher Lu noticed it when he was making corrections and asked the department representative to come to the office to find me. I just found out from the department representative that Mr. Lu called me to his office. I was excited because I thought that I had done something wrong this time and would be scolded by the teacher. So I quickly said to the department representative, “I’ll go to the restroom first and then go to the office when I am done.” The department representative said, “All right, but hurry up!” I said, “Got it.” After I went to the restroom, I went back to the classroom and thought about whether I should go to the office or not.

The class bell rang, and Teacher Lu came into the classroom. As soon as Mr. Lu came, he said, “Lin Zilan, get up!” When I heard my name, I stood up, my face suddenly turned red, and I felt that the situation was not very good. Then Teacher Lu asked me, “Lin Zilan, why did not you come to the office?” I lowered my head and said hesitantly, “I… I… do not know… the department representative did not tell me.” The department representative stood up and asked, “Did not you notify Lin Zilan?” The department representative blushed and said angrily, “I did notify Lin Zilan, but he said he had to go to the bathroom before going to the office. Who knows if he will not go?” Mr. Lu understood the situation, asked the department representative to sit down, and then said seriously, “The department representative informed you, why did not you come?” At that moment, I knew I could not deny it, so I had to insist, “I…I…I forgot.” Teacher Lu said, “Come with me right after class. It was really uncomfortable in that class.

When the bell rang to leave the class, Teacher Lu said to me, “Lin Zilan, come here!” I had to obediently follow behind. The few minutes from the classroom to the office are very long for me, and each step seems to weigh a thousand pounds. I thought to myself, “That’s it. Not only am I going to be scolded, but I might have to see my parents?’ I lowered my head and followed Teacher Lu into his office. Mr. Lu sat down, took a sip of water, not only did not scold me, but called me over, opened my new word part, carefully explained the wrong place in my new word, and told me to go back and not write another line…

I left the office with the new word section, and the stone in my heart fell. I quickly returned to the classroom and wrote a neat line. I handed over the Chinese character section to Teacher Lu. Teacher Lu gently said to me, “Lin Zilan, is not it good now? There is a reason why teacher will call the department representative to inform you to come to the office in the future. You do not have to come here like before, can you do that?” I said, “Yes!” and we all laughed.

This is the good teacher who helped me in life and challenged me strictly in learning – Mr. Lu. I am proud to have such a good teacher.

Chapter 2: Unforgettable Grace of the Teacher

A teacher is a beacon of light that guides students to the right path and makes them walk on the road of prosperity; a teacher is a bright sunshine that shines on the “Xiaomiao” so that the green “Xiaomiao” can flourish; a teacher is a The key of wisdom opens the door to the treasure house of knowledge for students and enables them to attain infinite spiritual wealth… In the life path of each person, the teacher occupies an indispensable and important position, and the goodness of the teacher is immeasurable.

I still remember a time when I was always absent-minded in class, and my mind seemed to fly out of the sky. And Teacher Fan saw through all my thoughts like a wonderful “mind reading”. So she asked me to go to her office after class to look for her. At that time, I felt like I was struck by a bolt from the blue. Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick jingle bell… Finally, the bell rang for me to leave class. I blushed, lowered my head, and walked slowly toward the office. As I walked, I thought: Will Teacher Fan scold me? What should I do… My heart was pounding like a wild deer, and drops of sweat were running down my face. As I walked on, I reached the office unconsciously. I do not know if it was because I was nervous or ashamed. I blushed and walked up to Teacher Fan. I thought Teacher Fan would scold me, and I was mentally prepared to be scolded. Unexpectedly, Teacher Fan smiled, took my hand kindly, and asked me, “Do you want to live a happy life when you grow up?” I nodded. Teacher Fan smiled again and continued to speak to me, “As the saying goes, ‘If you do not work hard when you are young, the boss will be sad.’ However, if you focus on your studies and study against the clock, you can have a bright future, be a pillar of the motherland’s future and serve the motherland. So you must study hard! You must not be absent from class in the future!” I felt ashamed. He turned around and said, “I understand, thank you, Mr. Fan!” Mr. Fan’s words stunned me. From then on, I was punctilious in class and never skipped again. As a result, my grades gradually improved.

Teacher Fan not only showed me the right way, but also benefited a lot from the knowledge she imparted to me. I remember the time when my mother was preparing dumplings in the kitchen. I was lying on the sofa watching TV, and I saw my mother’s every move. Curious, I jumped up from the sofa and ran over to join in. I grabbed the dumpling wrappers with one hand and said to my mom, “I want to wrap them too!” But as soon as I wrapped a few, the dumpling dolls were all grinning. I made several more dumplings in a row, but none of them turned out to be a decent dumpling. Just when I was discouraged and about to give up halfway, a famous saying of Mr. Fan suddenly came to my mind, “There are no difficulties in the world, only those who have a heart,” which means as long as you work hard and persevere, you will definitely be able to taste the fruits of success and succeed. This famous saying of Teacher Fan encouraged me. Thanks to my perseverance, I finally learned how to make dumplings.

You can not tell Mr. Fan’s class is happy and relaxed, but in reality, the hard-won knowledge hides Mr. Fan’s sweat and toil. Every time people fell asleep peacefully in the middle of the night, Mr. Fan was still grading our homework and writing textbooks for us. She often had a sore throat and a hoarse voice from lecturing, but she continued to lecture for us. What is Teacher Fan working so hard for? Is not it simply to hope that our future is bright? Can we not forget this selfless devotion? Can we be disrespectful? Can we be grateful?

Gu Yun: “A teacher for a day, a father for a lifetime.” Every time I think of Teacher Fan, a warm current flows through my heart. I really want to say to Teacher Fan, “Thank you! Thank you for teaching us knowledge, and more. Thank you for your care and love for us!” I will remember the knowledge that Mr. Fan taught us, and I will never forget his kindness. I am grateful to Teacher Fan and all the teachers in the world who care about the students and do their jobs diligently. Every teacher is great, and the kindness of every teacher is unforgettable for the students!

School is a place full of love: there are live goldfish, tall trees, playful classmates, and dear teachers, they are all worth remembering; but I think what I should appreciate and remember most is the kindness of the teachers to me. The one who impressed me the most was the leader of our third grade class, Mr. Lin.

Mrs. Lin is not tall and not very beautiful, but the most outstanding thing is that she has a pair of gentle eyes. She has a good personality and temperament. She is gentle and kind, and she never hits or scolds the students, so she is very popular with the students. . I remember that two other classmates and I once wanted to post a report on the blackboard. Due to lack of time, I did not have time to collect the data, so we had to use our brains to think about the data, but how did our brains come up with the data? But we do not dare to tell the teacher because we are afraid of being scolded by the teacher. Half an hour has passed, and the blackboard sheets of the other classes are finished, but the blackboard sheets of our class are blank, and we are all excited like ants on a hot pan. At this time, Mr. Lin happened to come. When he saw this situation, he not only did not scold us, but did everything he could to help us find information. In a very short time, the information was gathered. We are very grateful to Mr. Lin because he taught us to solve problems in the right way and to protect our weak hearts.

Actually, this incident is not enough to express the kindness of the teacher towards us. The teacher not only helped us, but when I encountered difficulties in learning, Teacher Lin helped me through the difficulties and patiently imparted knowledge to me. When classmates have misunderstandings and disputes, she will slowly enlighten and teach me: Be patient for a while, calm the waves; take a step back and open the sky.

Mr. Lin is also a considerate person. Once the school organized a trip to the cinema for the students, but unfortunately I fell ill. I paced dejectedly at home and thought: What a pity I could not go to such a nice movie! Suddenly a thought popped into my head: I went to school when I was sick. Although I had a high fever, I insisted on going to school in a daze. On the way there, I had to rest almost every step, and I had a strong feeling of dizziness in my brain. When I breathlessly entered the school, it was already When people went into the building, I was very disappointed, like a helpless bird whose wings were wounded, and could only sit on the slate and wait for the “birds” to return.

An hour later, the group of “birds” returned. They were chatting and laughing, but they paid no attention to my injured bird. Only Mr. Lin, who was watching behind the group, noticed me. He looked at me with tender eyes and asked me anxiously, “My son, you are sick today, why are you still coming to school?” I told her what had happened. The teacher listened, immediately pulled ten dollars out of his pocket, pressed it into my hand and said, “This is the money for the movie ticket, and I will give it back to you now. When your body is fully recovered, the teacher will invite you to see the movie for free. One movie, okay?” Hearing this, I nodded joyfully, and tears of emotion welled up in my eyes…

Even though it is not Mr. Lin who is teaching me now, I will always remember her kindness, and I cannot erase it. I remember someone saying that children are angels, and teachers are the guardians who watch over the pure hearts of children. I will always remember those guardians, and I hope that all the gardeners in the world live happily ever after!

Chapter 4: 1000-word essay on Thanksgiving, Teacher’s Day

We carry the hearts and minds of many people. Apart from our parents, the people who care most about us are the teachers who work hard for us.

From kindergarten to now, many teachers have taught me, but only Mr. Liu has influenced me the most. Mrs. Liu was my Chinese teacher when I was in third grade. She was tall and always had a smile on her face. She is a wonderful teacher who deserves our love.

I remember once I accidentally broke my leg on the playground. Just when I felt pain and helplessness, Teacher Liu appeared. After carefully examining my injury, she said, “Fortunately, it’s nothing serious. Come to the office with me, and I’ll help you take care of the wound.” Teacher Liu said that, and the big stone hanging in her heart was finally gone. But Mr. Liu still carefully helped me into the office. Although the playground was only a few meters away from the office, I felt as if I had walked several kilometers. Because it kept drumming in my heart, “Will it hurt to clean the wound? Will there be scars in the future? …”. When I arrived at the office, Mr. Liu asked me to sit on a chair, and then took a clean cloth to carefully wash and wipe the wound. While wiping and wiping, Ms. Liu noticed that my wound was a little deep and said worriedly:”You child, you are so careless, look how deep the wound is! Does it hurt? Be careful in the future, otherwise there will be scars…” . After Mr. Liu cleaned my wound and disinfected it with alcohol, he carefully put a plaster on my wound. At that moment, my mother came, and Teacher Liu stood up with relief and gently said to me, “Okay, you must be careful in the future and not hurt yourself again!” Teacher Liu suggested to my mother, for the sake of my health. She should take me to the hospital for a checkup. When I got to the hospital, the doctor examined my wound and said, “Your wound is well taken care of. Otherwise, the wound is so deep that it can easily get infected and leave scars.”

Teacher Liu not only cares about us in life, but also attaches great importance to us in learning. At the end of the second semester of the third grade, the county held a language competition. In order for us to get good grades, Mr. Liu can do his best. In class, Mr. Liu raced against time to review for us, and every afternoon after school, he tutored us until 5:30. Ten days passed, and my classmates had opinions, so they asked me to talk to Mr. Liu, can I send the test paper back to do it, and I don’t need to stay for tutoring. When I came to the door of the office, I heard Mr. Liu say: “The cold has not healed for five days, and the throat is really uncomfortable. I really want to stop tutoring them, but I haven’t finished reviewing, so I can’t do it without reviewing! Sigh~.” I listened. , I can’t bear to say it anymore. I went back to the classroom and told my classmates about the teacher. The classmates were very moved and said they had no opinion. After more than a month of joint efforts of teachers and students, our class received the most awards, and I won the first prize. On the day of the award, it was my turn to take the stage to accept the award. I saw Teacher Liu burst into tears and was even more excited than I was.

what! Teacher Liu! You are a diligent gardener, taking care of our flowers silently; you are a light, when we encounter setbacks, you guide us to find the direction of success; you are a candle, burning ourselves, let us find the guidance when we feel dark light of the road. How can I forget such a good teacher?


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