devil and angel

devil and angel

devil and angel
The final mock exam is in progress and the students are answering the questions attentively. The exam was less than halfway, and Dongdong couldn’t sit still. He just put the paper in the drawer and played with the origami.

When I went to his office, he immediately cut the origami and lay down on the desk, still not taking out the print.

“Have you finished writing your test card?

“Hmm.” Dongdong replied.

“Take it out and I’ll take a look.”

When Dongdong heard it, he suddenly got nervous and refused to take it out.I didn’t force it and said, “After writing, you need to check it carefully.” In fact, I had already guessed that he hadn’t finished writing.

Dongdong reluctantly took out the proof sheet. I walked away trying not to say much so as not to influence the exams of the other students.

Just 3 minutes later, Dongdong is origami again.I returned to Dongdong, and he immediately hid the origami in his office and took out the proof.

“Is the inspection complete? Can I get a full score?” Dongdong shook his head. In fact, I saw that Dongdong didn’t check the test card seriously at all.His mind was not on studying at all, his study attitude was incorrect, and he paid no attention to exams. I also know that he is a relatively special child, a child of a renewed family. He is relatively fragile at heart, very stubborn at times, and is no longer active in learning.

Seeing Dongdong like this, I was a little anxious. I held out my hand to him, intending to confiscate his origami, but he refused to return it.I considered the other students and Dongdong’s character, so I didn’t talk about it.

I thought that after two reminders, Dongdong would obediently ask questions and carefully check. Unexpectedly, after a while, he was origami again, and the classmates next to him looked at him curiously. I thought that was too outrageous and had to take his origami away from him, so I quickly approached, held out my hand and at the same time said, “Give it to me!” He refused and immediately hid the origami under the table.”Give it to me!” My voice got harder.

Dongdong still did not give it, he used his body to protect him, he was a little anxious.

I said three times, “Give it to me!” Dongdong was still holding on, like it was his life.So, I grabbed him with my hands and just touched his hand. He took my hand with the other. I immediately let go of my hand, it was red and swollen. I was a bit scared. I didn’t expect his reaction to be so strong and emotional!At this time, Dongdong’s eyes were full of tears and he was breathing rapidly… As I grabbed the paper, I found that there were five yuan in the newspaper. Was it because of money that he resisted so stubbornly?Or is it his character?

In a few minutes, the exam is over. I called Dongdong at the office, and he looked into his round eyes angrily and said, “No! He was like a beast, like a devil, and I was afraid of him again.

Although the end of the semester is approaching, but when such a thing happens, I think it is necessary to ask parents to come to school to talk about their child’s situation.One is to prevent him from overacting; His mother came and talked about the baby’s situation at home. Dongdong often lost control of his emotions at home. He once told his mother that if his mother forced him to study again, he would kill himself…Hearing this, I got scared again. In fact, the parents are very cooperative with the work of the teachers in the school, but show helplessness towards their children… My mother is strict with Dongdong, but my grandparents love Dongdong.It’s a good habit that I’ve finally taken. When I arrive at my grandfather’s house for two days on the weekend, I will become the same. The so-called “5 + 2 = 0” is just like that. I said to Dongdong’s mother, “Then you need to discuss with your grandparents and come to an agreement on raising your children. Otherwise, you will not be up to scratch and the consequences will become more and more. more serious… Usually talk more with your children and give more advice …”

During the afternoon recess, as soon as he entered the classroom, I saw him clinging to other people’s clothes. From the mouths of other students, it was learned that the drawing book from Dongdong had been torn by another boy, and he was very annoyed, so the two had a fight. I promised to help him fix the book after school, and that’s how I got it. convinced to let him go.

After school, Dongdong came to the office with the drawing book in his hand, and he stood there without speaking, I saw him, I called him, I pulled out the strong glue and helped him stick the pages back together.They were communicating happily and seemed to have forgotten everything that had happened during the morning exam.

“Did you draw all this?”


“Wow, you are amazing! The painting is so beautiful, did you draw it with your imagination or did you follow it?”

” Some are designed by me, and some are designed according to the book. “Dongdong said happily, finally showing a smile.
” You are so talented! The lines and composition are so exquisite! You have drawn such intricate pictures and the paintings are so vivid, you are a genius painter!”I admired him from the bottom of my heart and admired him. Unexpectedly, he is imaginative and has a talent for painting. He is truly gifted! It’s not, it’s a spaceship, it’s a tank.”He explained it to me with pride, presenting his masterpieces one by one in a good mood, getting more and more excited.

After enjoying it, as soon as I closed the book, I found the particularity of this book: “The cover of this book is so special! ‘Brother Zhao Painting University’, ‘Elite Painting Class’, ‘Brother Zhao’ is all you want! It’s so elegant! It is very good!”

He tilted his head awkwardly, touched his head and smiled.

I saw that the cover was open a bit, so I used a staple gun to staple the whole book three times and I said, “Don’t be shy, very creative book, very special and precious. How many years has he been with you? ”

” It’s been almost three years. ”

” It’s been so long!It is obvious that you enjoy this book very much. Look, it’s not going to fall apart like this. It’s your favorite book, isn’t it?”

He nodded.

“No wonder you treat it like a treasure.When someone broke your book, you were so angry and anxious that you argued with that classmate, right? ”

He nodded a little embarrassed.

“I can understand your mood at that moment. However, we must learn to control our emotions and not be so impulsive when we encounter things. Impulsivity is the devil, and it will sometimes hurt others as well as ourselves.”

He nodded seriously and said, ‘I get it. ”

I handed the book to Dongdong, touched his head, and said, ‘Keep it safe, I look forward to seeing more masterpieces from you, great painter! ”

Dongdong took the book, smiled, and put the book in the bag

I saw that he did not express his gratitude, so I smiled and guided him: “I fixed the book for you, so you want to thank me?”

” Thank you master!he said with a shy smile, before leaving immediately.

“Anything else?” »

« My mother…wants me to… excuse me to you…”

” So what do you think? ”

” I have to apologize too. I’m sorry, me! ”

” Why are you sorry?”

” In the morning exam, I shouldn’t be so impulsive, I shouldn’t pinch your hand… I should take the exam seriously. ”

” Since you are sincere, I accept your apologies.I think your performance will get better and better! Go on! All right, go home. ”

” Master, goodbye! “After he finished talking, he jumped up and ran away, his relaxed and happy back looked especially beautiful in the setting sun.I feel it will fly with the wind.

It turns out that every child is an angel. We should appreciate each little angel, patiently help correct their flaws, block their demonic nature, and actively stimulate their inner beauty. Just like Fu Yao, who has five seals, people say she is a demon girl, but she finally defeated the demon in her body with her kindness and tenacity. Maybe they all have a demonic nature, and we don’t know how many seals there are, but we can be sure: the power of truth, goodness and beauty is infinite!


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