Rat and Cat War

Rat and Cat War

Mice and cats are natural enemies.

Everyone knows that during the time of the Japanese invasion of China, an important event took place: the 8-year war of resistance against Japan. I didn’t expect there would be a “cat and mouse war” in my community as well. Every day the cat will attack the “field” of the mouse. However, each time the mouse fails to defend itself and is deprived of a lot of food.

Finally, the mice can’t take it anymore. They plan a strategic plan to attack the cat and get revenge. All. Each time they risk their lives, they leave the “camp” in search of weapons, and eventually find a long rope and some nails, ready to nail down the gate of the cat’s camp, then lure the cat out of the hole. falling on our fingernails, to get our food, a witty little mouse reminds us: we can’t act recklessly or we’ll fail, we should practice tripping her with a rope, how many mice it takes and how long it takes to stumble Pour it, but also choose the right person for training. Where to throw the nails, how many nails are needed, etc., to be defeated in one fell swoop. The other mice thought it made sense, so they went through a year-long training session.

During this difficult training, the mice were tortured by training. They returned to their camps sweating profusely every day, but they had nothing to eat. Every day they were hungry and panicked, but they still insisted on training and waiting for the best time.

Finally a year has passed and the mice are ready to attack the mouse field. The time is set this afternoon. In the afternoon, the mice acted as planned, first throwing a runner as bait and deliberately swinging past the cat’s camp, and after a while the cat took the bait and rushed out of the hole, and two strong men crowded on both sides of the door. The rope, the cat’s foot tripped over the rope, and with a bang, the cat fell to the ground and fell directly on the nail, scarred and bleeding, ah, a miserable cry echoed in the air, and the cat fell to the ground and I couldn’t move.

The mice took advantage of the situation, rushed to the cat’s camp, took their food and quickly retreated to the camp.

In the evening, a celebratory meeting was held in the rat’s den. And the poor cat lay in the field, moaning and moaning.

This story tells us: “Whatever happens, no matter how strong the adversary, we must be brave and resourceful, and we must not be afraid of fear, and we will achieve the ultimate victory.”


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