Pig Bajie weight loss

Pig Bajie weight loss

Pig Bajie weight loss
Every year on August 8, the gods celebrate a festival, and every god must go to this festival. Zhu Bajie is very happy that Chang’e also goes, but when he sees his fat body, he makes a big decision: he wants to lose weight.

Zhu Bajie formulated a weight loss plan for himself: run 50 laps around the playground every day, jump rope 500 times, shoot 50 baskets, and swim 1,000 meters. Bajie thought to himself, ” There is nothing difficult in the world, only those who have a heart. As long as my old pig keeps exercising, I will be able to lose weight successfully.

Bajie began to exercise. The first was running. In the first round Bajie managed to do it, but in the second round he ran out of breath, and in the third round he could only move step by step. Bajie gave up running. He started jumping rope. Bajie tripped over the rope many times, so he stopped jumping rope and started shooting. In this way, Bajie did not finish one round before doing the next one, so he did not manage to lose weight.

After a tired day, Bajie lay down on the sofa and quietly watched TV. Suddenly, an advertisement caught his eye: “Slimming pills can help you lose weight. Take one pill, lose half a cat, take two Please call 12345678910.” Zhu Bajie patted his thigh and said, “That’s it.” So Zhu Bajie called, and the diet pills were delivered soon after, and Bajie could not wait to open the diet pills and thought: The advertisement says that you can lose half a cat with one pill and a cat with two pills, so if I am born with 40 pills, I will surely be able to lose weight successfully. Thinking about his slim figure after successful weight loss, Bajie had to laugh. After thinking about it, Bajie grabbed a large amount of diet pills and shoved them straight into his mouth.

After swallowing the diet pills, Zhu Bajie suddenly lay on the sofa with a pale face, holding his stomach and shouting, “Oh, oh, it hurts to death, what are these diet pills!”. It’s clear he wants me to grow old. A pig’s life.” So Ba Jie grabbed the unfinished diet pills and threw them out the window. This diet pill made Zhu Bajie feel bad. He ran to the bathroom all night, and finally Bajie lay limp on the sofa thinking: I will never believe anything in advertising again.

The next morning, Bajie got up early, and this time he went on a diet. Bajie, who used to eat ten meals a day, now ate only two meals a day. After a few days, he was so hungry that his face was sallow and emaciated. On that day, Bajie could not stand it anymore. He opened the refrigerator and took out all the food. After a while, the food was gone. In this way, Bajie not only did not lose weight, but even gained ten pounds.

I tried all kinds of weight loss methods, but they were not successful. When Bajie thought about not being able to see his beloved Chang’e, he could not eat well, sleep well, or do anything well all day long. After a few days, the decadent Bajie happened to notice in the mirror that he had lost weight. He was overjoyed.

On the day of the Fairy Festival, Bajie’s wish to meet Chang’e came true, and soon after he married Chang’e.


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