hat queen

hat queen

hat queen
I still remember four years ago when I went to work in a good mood and with high expectations. It was my first day on the job and everything was new. All colleagues are new. Unknown faces, warm smiles.

Today, four years later, the same day, but in a different atmosphere.Because this time it’s not just the new colleagues I’m looking forward to, but also the old colleagues who no longer come to work and for whom I am heartbroken, including those who have retired, moved , moved…

Colleagues are fate and fate is not superficial. There are always times when we get together and go, but right now I always want to write something, one to commemorate and two to be grateful.There is a retired teacher known as the “Queen of Hats” who takes care of me like my mother. Why call her the queen of the hat? As she particularly likes to wear hats, she wears hats in all seasons except summer. Looks really good with a hat!

We have been in the same office in the same grade for three years.The hat queen’s words and actions have infected me.

First of all, in education and teaching, he is my mentor. When I started working, I loved Master, but not her. At the time, I was not in the same office as Master. The master asked the Queen of Hats: “Xiangxiang is my apprentice, we are not in the same office, you must guide her more!””The Queen of Hats agreed with a smile. After getting along for a long time, I know that even if the Master does not ask me, he will take care of me and guide me. Many times, she was proactive in guiding me

In terms of classroom management, when I was dealing with student problems, she would guide me or help me solve the problems silently.As I just arrived here and don’t know much about the class, she was telling me about the previous class situation.On the question of pupils staying at the school, he will pass on his experience without reservation. When he saw something wrong with what I was doing, he would immediately point it out to me, then teach me how to do it and what to watch out for in the future.

In teaching, every time he listens to my class, he seriously assesses the class, gives me valuable advice, at the same time brazenly points out my flaws and dispels my inner worries, helps me gain self-confidence and to find the best way to learn.

Secondly, in life, she is my relative. She worried about me and encouraged me.When I got married, she was so happy that she looked like her married daughter, and she said to me sincerely, “Xiangxiang, your studies, career and marriage are going well, and you are a happy child.” You must love happiness!” he said with tears in his eyes. I know, they were tears of joy and excitement. When my foot was injured, he always insisted that he wanted I take care of my feet and put my body first.I’m still so young, but I don’t have to leave any scars. His sincere memory and sincere words woke me up! After all, I’m too young to know much about the importance of things.

How many times have his kind words inspired me; how often his sincere words reminded me of the ignorant; how many times his sincere words woke me up, that I ignored the world; how many times, her motherly words warming the lost self…Thank you, queen of my hat!

The enthusiasm and kindness of the queen of hats infected me. At the same time, his grace infected me too. Even with age, they still look elegant, with warm smiles, double eyelids, big eyes, light makeup, hats, high heels, delicate dresses, fresh and elegant.Usually, I’m not very good at sweet talk and I always keep my feelings deep in my heart. Thank you all today! Even if you’re retired, we live in town and it’s easy to meet.

Finally, I wish my dear teacher Hu: happy retirement, happy every day and happiness.


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