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silkworm baby observation weekly

Silkworm Baby Observation Weekly
“Every life has the value of existence and every life is an immortal legend.” Honestly said, how wonderful nature is! How holy and beautiful life is! –Registration

Saturday, April 8 Sunny

little guest

I had a great week with a group of little guests at our house. These little guests allow me to run and have a lot of fun.Can you guess who it is? Can’t guess? So let me reveal to you the characteristics of children. They are black and small, even smaller than ants. He is very picky when he is small and only mulberry leaves can satisfy his capricious appetite.Haha, you guessed it: it’s the baby silkworm!

I love silkworms so much that I carefully place them in a clean paper box and feed them daily with fresh, tender mulberry leaves. Whenever I change the mulberry leaves for them, I put the mulberry leaves in the box first, and it takes a long time for them to climb the fresh mulberry leaves slowly. I impatiently wanted to pinch them and put them on the mulberry leaves, but my mother stopped me and said, “No. The body of the silkworm is too soft and it will hurt if you accidentally pinch it.”Choose the old mulberry leaves carefully. I must hold my breath and examine them carefully in the sun, lest if I’m not careful, if I breathe, the silkworms that have run down the mulberry leaves will. It really fulfills the old saying, “If you don’t know what’s going on, you don’t know what’s going on!” Busy eating mulberry leaves every day, their little bodies grew and their heads are a little bigger than their body, so black it turned grey-white.If you look closely, you can see a small section, which is very nice.

Every time I spread a layer of new mulberry leaves, the baby silkworm is like hearing a car horn, and shrugs and climbs on the fresh leaves, not far behind. Before going to bed at night, I went to see them again and said reluctantly, “Baby silkworm, good night, rest!” My mother laughed and said, “They don’t rest and keep eating at night. Mulberry leaves.I asked surprised: “So do not get tired and dark circles under the eyes?” After hearing my words, my mother burst out laughing.

Saturday, April 22 Sunny

responsible me

The silkworm children are more than ten days away from coming to my house. They grew from small black specks to almost two centimeters of larvae and their bodies turned a beautiful silvery white. In the past, when changing mulberry leaves, it was very difficult to find, but now it is easy to change mulberry leaves.They have large heads and can be seen at a glance. As soon as I place the mulberry leaves, the young silkworm will climb head high, with great elan to be the master of my site. After a while, the mulberry leaves were bitten through the holes and may have eaten them!

Giving mulberry leaves to silkworms every day has also become a compulsory lesson for me. I was afraid that the mulberry leaves I had collected would wither inside, so I tied the bag tightly and put it in the refrigerator.When I get up in the morning, I first take the mulberry leaves from the refrigerator to dissipate the cold air. It won’t be cold when I go to school and it’s perfect for feeding. It is the same at noon and in the evening. This way, Can’er won’t die of diarrhea from eating too cold. My mother gave me a thumbs up and praised the fact that I had become a responsible little adult since raising silkworms.Hearing my mother’s compliments, I was delighted.

Sunny Friday, April 28

I want to be a magician

The baby silkworm is growing very fast, the body is white and plump, and the big one is more than three centimeters. When they first arrived they were densely packed and only occupied a small cardboard box. Now, one or two hundred of them occupy two square meters. Silkworms now eat twice as much and need to be fed at least four to five times a day.They eat mulberry leaves and the wind blows. Every day there is a “rustling” in the room. Every time I come back from school, a lot of mulberry leaves have been blown away.

The weekend has arrived and now the top priority is to collect mulberry leaves everywhere, along the river, on the hillsides, and whenever we discover mulberry trees nearby, my mother and I will definitely visit . After finally retrieving a large bag, they eat it effortlessly.The small mulberry trees nearby were all illuminated by us. I looked around helplessly, looking at so many green poplar and willow leaves around, how I wish I could turn magic. With a wave of my hand, it would be great to turn this large leaf into a mulberry leaf and let my silkworm eat happily.

Sunny Thursday, May 4

Spring silkworms are dying

This week, the baby silkworm has become calm, and its body has become somewhat transparent, with a slight yellow color. Mom broke some twigs and put them on the box.Get ready to wrap the baby silkworms. I was very excited to hear it, looking forward to their refuge soon.

When the first silkworm spun the silk, it chose the corner of the box. He lifted his head between the branches and the wall of the crate, rocked back and forth, and spat out fine silk. Soon a thin layer of silk appeared between the branches and the box.Once the silkworm spit out a few layers of fine silk and settled down, it began to work steadily. His head was up and down and swaying from side to side, and I looked at him with delight and wonder. One after another, the young silkworms all formed cocoons. Looking at the white or golden cocoons, the beads are round and look like jade and are very beautiful. I couldn’t help but pay tribute to the short life of Silkworm Baby, who fights day and night without sleeping.No flowers, no trophies, no applause, how hard and selfless. I sigh and in the future I will work as hard as Can Baobao and learn down to earth.


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